Call for Papers and Speaker's Guidelines

Thank you for considering making a presentation at the PLM Europe. When you present a paper at a Users Group conference you are representing yourself and your company to the entire UGS PLM Solutions community across Europe. The Users Group committee and the membership appreciates the time and effort you take in preparing for your presentation and want you to derive the maximum benefit from your participation

The people who attend the PLM Europe conferences represent people who are involved withUGS PLM Solutions products in a variety of ways. They may be experience or novice users, or they may be people who directly manage implementations at their companies. They may also be management who is interested in the larger view of how the products are used to improve their development process. Their common interest is generally in obtaining as much technical information as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this information or any details regarding your participation at the Users Group conference, please feel free to contact Karla Kluth.

Type of Presentations
Typical time allotments for presentations are 30 to 45 minutes and the user presentations typically fall into one of two categories:

Case Study - Based on current or recent projects, case studies present the implementation of EDS PLM Solutions software or related products in the development of one company's product. Case studies provide delegates an insight into the strategies applied, lessons learned and success experienced while applying current technology to common challenges.

Tutorials and Tips & Techniques - Expert users convey best practices developed while using Unigraphics and related products. These presentations are very valuable in raising the expertise of all users and are appreciated by attendees whether they are new or experienced users. Demonstrations can be a very valuable component of the tutorial format. Some presenters join with another user or a Unigraphics software specialist to perform the demonstration while the presenter explains the technique, however, some presenters perform both functions.

The Review/Selection Process
Potential speakers must submit a short abstract (80-100 words), Their name, title, company name, phone number, mailing address and if possible an Email address. A short biography is also required with the abstract. The committee reviews abstracts received by the due date. A presentation is accepted based on its overall fit into the conference and its relevance to current issues and concerns voiced by the user community. The conference organiser will then contact the intending speaker to confirm their acceptance and provide guidance in refining the presentation for the Users Group audience. The Committee would appreciate very much getting your abstract and bio until April 20th 2004.

Proceedings Format
Conference proceedings on CD contain a copy of all the presentations given. Presenters should provide an electronic copy of their presentation or a white paper related to their presentation. The acceptable file formats are:

White Paper: MS Word or HTML
Slide Presentation: Microsoft PowerPoint

All copies must be submitted by the published due date August 20th 2003 in order to be included in the proceedings.

Conference Fees and Speakers Dinner
The User Group appreciates the effort and commitment that goes into preparing a presentation and therefore waives the conference fees for speakers. When more than one speaker is presenting in a session the second speaker is given 50% discount off the conference fee. The Conference registration is only waived for speaker who meet all submittal due dates. Otherwise, the reduced speaker's registration fee will be applied.
In addition the PLM Europe committee will host a dinner for all presenters, at which are Unigraphics senior managers and the staff involved in making conference a success. All user presenters are invited to attend.

The audiences that come to the sessions are very receptive to user presentation and interested in learning, however, they do not want a sales pitch. As such the PLM EUROPE maintains a policy against selling your product or company's services during your presentation. However, this policy accepts that what your company produces is of interest to the audience and understands that how it is reflected in the presentation benefits the presenter's company through improved company image and presence in the user community. Therefore, it is acceptable to present the company and its product or services in an introduction in the beginning of your presentation.

Any Questions? Send an eMail to our User-Office.