Conference Fee, Discount options and Cancellation 2015

Early Bird registration, pre-registered and pre-paid until June 30th 2015

3 days full conferencePrice per personAmount € 790,00
2 days Price per personAmount € 690,00
University Price per personAmount € 575,00
Payment options:Invoicing possibleCredit Card


Registrations August. 15th 2015 - September 21th 2015

3 days full conferencePrice per personAmount € 890,00
2 days Price per personAmount € 820,00
University Price per personAmount € 600,00
Payment options:Credit Card only

Late Registration September 22th 2015 – October 28th 2015

Only 3 days full conference
can be booked
Price per person

Amount € 990,00

University Price per person      Amount € 600,00
Payment options:Credit Card only

Please note: All prices are net prices and will have VAT 19% on top.

Discount options and Cancellation 2015:
Members of universities pay the amount – see price list with presentation of a study certificate or university affiliation.

Company Group Discounts:
Discounts are available for companies sending multiple employees. They are only applicable to the full 3 day conference and can be paid by invoicing. Payments with credit card with an additional admin fee of € 25.00 per person. All attendees must work for the same corporation and must have the same invoice address.

Bookings after August 15th 2015  cannot be paid by invoice - must be paid by credit card with less discount.

For group registrations please contact the Users Office at We will only be able to process group discounts with a complete list and full contact information.

Discounts are as follows and valid until August 15th 2015

 5             employees – less €   50,00 from the normal 3 days fee
 6 – 10    employees – less €   75,00 from the normal 3 days fee
11 -          employees – less € 100,00 from the normal 3 days fee

Customer can not be part in a discount request.

Please note: The conference fee does not include travel, accommodation, breakfast and parking costs.
For further information please visit our hotel page.

The full conference fee allows entry to all sessions and evening welcome receptions.

Conference Cancellation policy:

Cancellations (in writing) until Sept. 1st 2015 will be granted minus € 50,00 processing fee. If the payment was done by credit card we charge € 75,00 processing fee.
Cancellations (in writing) after Sept. 15th 2015 will result in loss of pre-payment.

Credit Cards:

Please note that we accept the following credit cards: Euro Card (Master), American Express, Visa, European check with PIN and cash money.
As a walk in, you need to register online and make your payment at door. Options see above. The attendee should check before if there is a limit on his credit card. 

The PLM Europe User Group e.V. has no liability to the Client or any Guest (other than death or personal injury of a Guest resulting from the Company’s negligence) for any loss or damage of any nature however caused arising out of or in connection with attendance at the Event or to the property of the Client or Guest unless otherwise covered by the public liability insurance carried by the Company at the date of the Event any such claim by the Client or Guest being made on the terms and conditions of such insurance a copy of which is available on request.

Personal Accident Insurance covering the Event is not included in the price. This must be covered by the individuals

The PLM-Europe User Group Bank details:

Account Account holder:
Bank name:
Account No:
Postal address:

PLM Europe User Group e.V.
Sparkasse Köln Bonn
370 501 98
100 661 2608
DE 20 3705 0198 1006 6126 08
Longericher Str. 26, 50767 Köln / Germany

Checks  must be mailed to:
PLM-Europe User Group e.V.

Users Office K. Kluth
Am Braunsacker 84
50765 Köln / Germany

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