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Booth Equipment / Logistic

NEW All out of one hand – this is our solution for you: MSE Productions GmbH

We suggest you will send your booth equipment to our NEW logistic company MSE in order to make sure your equipment will be delivered direct to your booth. It can happen, if you deliver your staff to the warehouse of the Estrel convention centre no one will deliver your material to your booth, or no one can find it.

This service can be ordered with the additional equipment.

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NEW Logistic Company

If you want to get your booth equipment delivered direct to your booth, please send your staff to:

MSE Productions GmbH;
Bouchéstr. 12, Haus 19
Contact: Mr. Martin Schroppa
D-12435 Berlin
phone: +1 49 3053601885-0
e-mail: [email protected]

Pls. send mail to MSE
[email protected]

and inform them no later than:
Oct. 6th – 15th 2016
About your planned shipment
You can book your delivery and pick up service with your additional booth equipment
Pick up Service: Check with MSE
If you want to get your equipment the same way back as you got it, pls. contact
MSE Productions GmbH as well
phone: +1 49 3053601885-0
e-mail: [email protected]
Pls. send mail to MSE and inform them about your pick up wish. [email protected]

All Partners must ensure either:

1.) a contact person will be at your booth who is responsible for the return of your booth equipment. This person must be named on the pick up list for the shipping agent or his sub-contractor

2.) The shipping agent / sub-contractor must know exactly what he has to take from which booth # and knows the exhibitors name

3.) Make sure your shipping agent (or sub-contractor) will be at the Estrel Convention Centre in time. After 5 pm there is no contact person available

4.) If you need support in returning your shipment, please contact [email protected] you can request a special form from him.

Deadline: 01.09.2016

Neither PLM Europe Karla Kluth, nor the Estrel Convention centre or MSE Productions GmbH are responsible for your return shipment or any losses.

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