Meet the GTAC experts in the Siemens PLM Software booth

Bring your support and technical questions as well as suggestions

The Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) are show casing their customer support organization and their services at the PLM Europe 2015. GTAC is your focal point for post-sales software support. Our mission is to increase our customer‘s productive use of our software by providing responsive and specialized support.

Updated version:

The value of GTAC technical support services

- to the End user is:

  • Having all support requirements satisfied by product experts through a single access number.
  • Working with GTAC support agents who are closely involved with the product lifecycle and take ownership of the problem until it is resolved
  • Leveraging a full range of problem resolution tools and services.
  • Leveraging electronic services on a 24 x 7 basis with unlimited usage including:

    • Newsgroups and conferencing
    • Incident reporting and status
    • A symptom/solution knowledge database for information queries
    • Reporting of errors or requests for enhancements from within many of our products
    • Technical newsletter articles
    • Software Field Bulletins (SFBs)
    • Online documentation
    • Patches and software releases available for downloads
    • E-mail subscription of technical information as it becomes available
    • A server for data downloads and uploads
    • License file retrieval and emergency license generation
    • Access to all electronic tools and services via a WebKey account.

-  to the Manager is:

  • Reducing the distraction and the time consumed with unassisted problem diagnosis and resolution.
  • Engaging in a more productive work environment resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Receiving software updates and maintenance releases as part of the standard maintenance service contract.
  • Automatic call tracking and escalation procedures for all incidents or problems reported.

- to the Executive Manager is:

  • Gaining profit margin resulting from increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Experiencing product quality and delivery times that exceed expectations.
  • Working with a single vendor who can facilitate every support requirement and administer it with a simplified contract.