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Enhance your knowledge, discover future opportunities, network with other users and UGS executives, learn new tips, techniques, and best practices and experience real user feedback. These are just a few reasons to attend UGS Connection 2007.

Use the week to gather REAL user feedback. Networking with other users is one of the most valuable aspects of this conference. Initiate discussions to see if others can offer solutions to some of the problems that you are experiencing in your company. You will always find another user who is willing to share information and support your efforts. Attend UGS Connection 2007 and take something back that you can use today.

The conference this year will continue the successful format of previous years' with some additional fine-tuning based on feedback from last years conference. The conference will include a combination of plenary sessions and breakout tracks enabling delegates to tailor their agendas to suit their individual needs and interests. The breakout tracks will offer a mixture of update sessions and user experiences. These tracks are Management, Partner, NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix, Velocity series and Open Components.

The success and value of these tracks is largely due to customer presentations, sharing their experiences. Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered and we encourage anyone else who would like to present to register or talk to one of the committee.

> 2007 Conference Agenda
*note: this agenda will be revised and refined as we receive additions and changes to the schedule. Please keep on returning to the agenda to see the latest content.

NOTE: The files for the Agenda and Abstracts are in PDF format, so you need to have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat (free software) installed on your machine in order to view these files.

Presenter's Guidelines for Technical Presentations
Thank you for agreeing to present at UGS Connection 2007 the PLM Europe conference. The PLM Europe User Committee appreciates the time and effort you take to prepare your presentation and want you to know how important you are in making this conference a success.

When you present at UGS Connection 2007 you are representing yourself and your company to the entire UGS community Europe wide. These guidelines will help you to structure and present your information for the audience at the conference.

By agreeing to present, you give PLM Europe permission to electronically post your biography, abstract and bullet points on the PLM Europe website and to publish them in printed PLM Europe materials (conference marketing materials, etc.). In addition, PLM Europe reserves the right to edit biographies and abstracts for consistency, style and grammar as necessary.

If you have any questions regarding your participation at UGS Connection 2007, please feel free to contact your PLM Europe User's Office at [email protected] or any of the PLM Europe board contacts.

Type of Presentations
Typically, presentations fall into one of two categories:

Case Study - Based on current or recent projects, case studies present the implementation and use of NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix, Velocity series and Open Components, within your organisation. Case studies provide attendees with an insight into the strategies applied, lessons learned and success experienced while applying current technology to common challenges.

Partner Presentations - The case study is the preferred style for presenting third-party partner products or service offerings. Partners have the opportunity to illustrate the success and savings achieved by integrating their product(s) with NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and Velocity series Open Components in a real-world example rather than an outright sales presentation of product features and functionality.

Tutorials and Tips and Techniques - Expert users conveying their best practices developed while using NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix and Velocity series and Open Components. These presentations are very valuable as they improve the expertise of all users and are greatly appreciated by attendees, whether they are new or experienced users. Demonstrations are a very valuable component of the tutorial format. Some presenters work with another user or software specialist to perform the demonstration, while some just perform the demonstration alone.

The Review and Selection Process
Potential presenters must submit a short abstract (approx 400 words), along with their name, title, company name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address. A short biography (approx 100 words) and photo is also required. Abstracts received by the due date are reviewed by the PLM Europe User Committee. A presentation is accepted based on its overall fit within the conference and its relevance to current issues and concerns voiced by the user community. The User Office sends a letter of acceptance to the selected presenters.

The applicable dates are published on the PLM Europe website.

The Audience
Conference delegates may be experienced or novice users and/or people who directly manage UGS product(s) implementations at their companies. They may also be senior management interested in the larger view of how the products are used to improve their product development process. The bottom line is that they are all interested in obtaining as much implementation experience as possible. The audience is usually very receptive to a technical presentation, but is less interested in a sales pitch.

Policy on Selling
PLM Europe maintains a policy against selling your product or company's services during your presentation. However, this policy does consider that your product is of interest to the audience, and is of benefit in the overall understanding of the presentation itself. Therefore, it is acceptable to present the company and its product or services in one or two slides (maximum) as an introduction at the beginning of your presentation.

Preparing Your Presentation
Typical time allotments are 30 minutes (partner keynotes or partner track presentations) or 40 minutes (technical presentations). As a rule of thumb, you should allow 1 to 1.5 minutes per slide and approx 5 minutes for questions after your presentation. The effectiveness of your presentation depends to a great extent on the quality of your slides. However, you don't need to have your slides professionally made. A presentation template is available on our website. You may download it and use it as a template for your presentation. Use large text and keep the number of items per slide to no more than four or five. The title slide should include the presentation title, presenter's name, title, company name and contact information. All other slides should not include your company's logo, phone number or web/contact address. You may include in the footer of all slides the following information: Title of Presentation, Presenter's Name, Legal Company Name, Date, Slide number and Proprietary notice (if required).

Audio-Visual Equipment
PLM Europe will provide the following AV equipment if requested. All presenters, who needs aditional technical AV equipment, they should contact the users office. Presenters should supply their own laptop computer. Prior to your actual presentation, please go to your scheduled room with your laptop (if applicable) either during a break or after conference hours, to help you to feel comfortable and to make sure that everything is working properly.

Standard equipment available
    ·  LCD Video Projector with connection for your laptop computer (laptop is not provided)
    ·  8x8" screen size dependant on room
    ·  Wireless microphone
    ·  Podium microphone
    ·  Workstation upon request only
    ·  Speakers - requirement if presenting avi's with sound

Equipment for Software Demonstrations
For presentations that include live software demonstrations, workstations supplied by UGS and hardware vendors are available upon request only. Workstations will be loaded with the latest production version and the previous major release of the software. The current phase of the next release of software will be available for demonstrations by UGS presenters only. Files must be preloaded, as there will be no opportunity to load them after the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference.

Presentation Format
Conference presentations will be made available to all delegates after the event. Presenters must provide an electronic copy of their presentation or a related white paper. The acceptable file formats are: MS PowerPoint, or PDF. Copies must be submitted by the published due date in order to be included in the proceedings and in order to receive the conference fee waiver. Refer to the PLM Europe website for instructions on uploading copies of your presentation.
Note: The final presentation, as submitted for the proceeding, will be reviewed by the Technical Track owner and Chairperson prior to the conference. PLM Europe reserves the right to decline and cancel any scheduled presentation if a copy of the final presentation is not submitted by the due date or if the presentation violates any of the PLM Europe policies.

Conference Registration
All presenters MUST register using the on-line registration form at www.plm-europe.org. The conference registration fee will be waived for the primary presenter only, provided that a copy of the presentation for the conference is received by the agreed due date. If there are two presenters (maximum), for a single presentation the second presenter must register before the close of the Early Bird registration. On the condition that the second presenters name on the Abstract Submittal Form at the time the Abstract is submitted. Credits for other contributors to the presentation may be added upon request but they will not receive "presenter" status/terms.

Opportunities to join the PLM Europe User Committee
Presenters interested in becoming more involved with the PLM Europe organization should make their interest known to their chairperson, or a board member. These representatives will know what positions are open and the responsibilities and time commitment required for each position. Most positions carry with them a two-year term.

Presenter Deadlines
Presenter conference registration deadline: Sept. 1st 2007
Presenter Deadline for Submittal of Presentation: Sept. 1st 2007

Presenter Templates
PLM Europe Approved presenter templates are available for download here in MS PowerPoint Template Format. To download Right Click and choose "Save As…"
Please be sure to consult the Presenter's Guidelines for technical presentations and for details about preparing your presentations.

Suggested Topics
Presentation topics include but are not limited to:

    ·  User success stories
    ·  Applications of UGS products within your company
    ·  Tips and techniques
    ·  Best practices and Lessons learned
    ·  Implementation techniques and experience
    ·  Integration with other design tools in your company
    ·  Design collaboration using UGS products
    ·  Process improvements
    ·  Documenting designs in 3D

Technical Tracks offered at UGS Connection 2007
See agenda.