PLM Europe - Siemens PLM Connection 2015
Oct. 26th - 28th 2015, Estrel Convention Centre Berlin, Germany

We want to remind everyone that the PLM Europe – Siemens PLM Connection User Group meeting will soon be here. This is another opportunity for you to connect with your colleagues from different locations and share information with each other about your use of the Siemens PLM tools and the work that you do in your respective companies.

It is also an opportunity for you to get in contact with the Siemens PLM User community and start a dialogue with other companies and/or colleagues. If you have an interest in doing that, please register now.

In order for us to more effectively communicate with you, please take a moment to contact our users office and refresh the information in your profile.

Maybe you have changed roles in your company, or maybe you have moved to a new company. Please tell us..

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me or anyone else on theOpens internal link in current window Opens internal link in current windowPLM Europe team and let us know your thoughts.

See you in October in Berlin/Germany!

PLM Europe  - Siemens PLM Connection Berlin 2015 bring together the Siemens PLM Software users and the Siemens PLM software experts for Tecnomatix, Teamcenter and NX.

What can you expect:


We  have changed the conference format according to your 2014' feedback comments. As you can see we will have more product driven plenary sessions which enables presenters to speak to a larger audience than in the breakout sessions.


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