Why attend

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Why should I attend this conference and what are the benefits?

I am aware that this is one of the best times to improve our capabilities and gain competitive advantage by attending informative presentations and networking events such as this. I would like to make you aware of why I feel like this is a critical conference for me to attend:

  • Individually.  This conference offers multiple opportunities to directly enhance my individual productivity, making me a more valuable employee by attending breakout presentations given by our peers or competitors, Siemens PLM Software experts and networking events, I will be able to immediately implement new tips and techniques to enhance my productivity and provide increased value to our company.

  • Departmentally.  With my attendance, we have an opportunity to gain a 15-20% improvement in knowledge and productivity... Onsite, I can help to influence the product direction by networking directly with Siemens PLM developers directly with them regarding any issues that we are currently experiencing through dedicated 1-2-1 meetings.

  • Companywide.  Upon returning to the office, I can bring back valuable information from other companies and industries on their best practices and lessons learned from those further along in their Siemens PLM software implementation. I am also willing to cross train other co-workers on the information that I learned by using my first hand experience, conference proceedings. I can also put this new knowledge in motion with helping to define our strategy for the future and attend sessions to evaluate and identify new modules that we as a company may be considering to purchase. The Partner Trade Fair will also gives me the opportunity to check out cost benefits by choosing alternative vendors compared to those we currently use, and discussing in detail the comparison of quality and service given by similar vendors.

What types of sessions will be held throughout the week?

During the week, numerous sessions fill the three day agenda. 

In fact there are typically 10 tracks to choose from that cover a wide range of industries, software type and skill levels. Even lunch offers me the chance to meet with others in my area of interest so that we can discuss ideas while we are eating.

In summary, the following sessions will be held:

  • General & Technical Breakout Sessions.  Held by all levels of experts discussing product direction, business management strategies, individual product features, industry trends and so much more.  Typically half of the presentations come directly from users, while the other half come from Siemens PLM Software developers, managers, or technical experts.

  • Networking Sessions.  Sessions like these are more informally structured, and allow for me to talk to individuals or groups of individuals about their PLM implementation experience.  This is a chance to learn from each other about how we can improve our processes, standards or other company procedures.

    There are often industry based groups or special interest forums to join too where we can discuss common problems and collaborate with key Siemens PLM Software development teams to come up with solutions.