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Intelizign, with its 350+ strong team of consultants and decades of experience in PLM domain, is helping customers to significantly reduce implementation costs, cycle time and end user ramp up for PLM Products and Innovations. Our generic solutions for Performance, Usability, ERP Integrations and Upgrades, address the major pain areas of PLM Implementations. 

Being abreast with new technologies such as Active Workspace, Web Services and Mobile Platforms Intelizign is enabling customers to easily adapt to the changing technology landscape. With presence across Germany, US and India, Intelizign leverages the right shore model to provide extremely cost effective services for PLM system’s maintenance and support. 

Intelizign @ PLM Europe 2015 

PLM Connection is a wonderful platform to interact with different customers, understand their PLM needs and share our experiences with PLM implementation for varied industry verticals.

We invite you to be a part of our customer’s presentations to learn about generic and field tested solutions for Site Consolidation and Deployment Automation. And all time during the event, speak to our experts to gain insights on Performance, Usability, Interfaces and other PLM areas. 

Site Consolidation for making central departments participate in PLM and supporting UTF-8 

The presentation talks about helping Arcelik, the third largest white goods manufacturer in Europe, to consolidate 9 sites and 1500 users in different geographical location into a single site. Reduced maintenance cost, support to UTF-8, Migration from Windows to Linux and MSSQL to Oracle are some of the highlights that will interest most of the audience. 

Be a part of the presentation @ Estrel Hall C5+6 on Tuesday, 27th October’ 2015 13:30 to 14:00 Hrs 

Manage Configuration and Deployment in large scale Teamcenter Implementations 

Siemens IEC is the Largest Single Site Teamcenter installation with more than 20,000 Users, 50+ Teamcenter Modules and myriad of interfaces.

The presentation would explain solutions developed to address deployment problems such as deployment downtime, loss in site specific configurations, need for manual intervention, Impact on heterogeneous server environments with different configurations, managing client configurations in a consistent manner, etc. 

Be a part of the round table @ Lyon on Wednesday, 28th October’ 2015 08:00 to 10:00 Hrs 

Speak to our experts 

Also speak to our experts to check how to improve Performance & Usability at your site, how best to leverage the Active Workspace, how to effectively integrate with other Enterprise applications and how to reduce implementation cost and cycle time. Apart from these our experts would be happy to provide their guidance on any specific issues/challenges you have for PLM implementation. Below are some of our experts who will be present at PLM Connection Europe. 

Prasad Thutupalli 

21+ years of experience in PLM and IT domain 

Key Skills – Teamcenter Architecture & Interfaces 

Stefan Wehrstein 

12+ years of experience in PLM and IT domain 

Key Skills – Teamcenter Performance and Usability

Balasundaram Kanthi 

11+ years of experience in PLM and IT domain 

Key Skills – Active Workspace & Usability 

Gaurav Agrawal 

12+ years of experience in PLM and IT domain 

Key Skills – Implementation Services and Global Delivery 

Dinesh Dakshinamurthy 

10+ years of experience in PLM and IT domain 

Key Skills – Teamcenter Migration and Upgrades 

Would be happy to help you - Intelizign Implementation Services 

Our “Solution Focused” culture is resulting in highest Customer Satisfaction and overwhelming Success in more than 150 projects. We have a strong and global delivery team, with rich experience in core technology platforms as well as latest technologies. This setup is giving the best results and best effectivity for or customers PLM projects. We provide value to our customers both in terms of Return of Investment and significant cost reduction in terms of the Development/Implementation. At the PLM Europe we will be there to discuss with you how effective on-site and off-shore combinations could make your projects successful. 

We would be happy to help you with all your PLM implementation needs and utilize our experience of more than 1200 man years to provide cost effective and quality solutions. 

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