Technical Speed Dating Registration

Technical speed dating gives you the opportunity to meet your favorite Siemens Product Manager face-2- face. You can choose up to two questions.

Why attend this initiative?

The Siemens Product managers are on the run between appointments during the conference. Not always easy to stop for "serious questions". We want to give you the opportunity to bring forward some of your "concerns" to some of these managers. By entering your question in advance, the product manager can prepare an answer for you and your case.

How does it work?

You can use the link Initiates file downloadTechnical Speed Dating Registration Spreadsheet (Excel), fill in the form and send it to us. All relevant questions and users will then compete for a session with the preferred product manager. You may submit questions to more than one product manager, please follow the instructions in the form.

The "Technical Speed Dating" will take place on Wednesday at lunchtime in Foyer 3. The location is close to the Solution Centre and will have a signage “Technical Speed Dating”. Each "date" last for no more than 10 minutes. More details will be sent out to the lucky ones!

Dates and deadlines

Date: Wednesday Oct. 28th 2015 - Time: 13:00 – 14:00 h

Please send your request as soon as possible, help to organize and prepare. Requests will be accepted until to the second day of the conference -  first come – first serve.

Whom can I meet?

Since this is the first year we try this new concept we will start with 10 product managers. If the experience and feedback is positive, we will look at extending this during next year’s event.  Here is the list of product managers you can sign up to meet with:

Product Collaboration (Teamcenter):

Troy Banitt - Engineering Process Management, CAD Managers
Trish Laedtke  - Schedule Manager / Content and Document Management
Dave McLaughlin - Active Workspace
Pascal Vera - Mechatronics, Sys Engineering & Reqs

Manufacturing Engineering (NX CAM, Tecnomatix):

Corsin Buerer - Part manufacturing, Tool Library & management
Tom van’t Erve - Part manufacturing, NX CAM
Uli Rossgoderer - Assembly manufacturing, Tc Manufacturing, Layout Design, Discrete event Simulation, Robotics

Product Engineering (NX CAD, NX CAE):

Dave Wingrave - PMI (Product & Manufacturing Information), NX Drafting
Mike Rebrukh - Synchronous modelling (2D and 3D)
Clive Sandhurst - HD3D Visual Reporting

Which questions can you ask

In theory you can ask whatever you want. But here are some guidelines:

  •  It has to be relevant for that product manager
  • You may present an idea you have of using the tools and get feedback
  • What do I do if the situation is like this .....
  • They will not be able to address questions regarding error reports filed

How to do?

You can use the link Technical Speed Dating Registration Spreadsheet (Excel), fill in the form and send it to us.

Or, if you have more questions related to this new concept of speed dating – please contact

[email protected]

Best regards

The Agenda Team

Initiates file downloadDownload the Technical Speed Dating Registration Spreadsheet (Excel)