Keynote Speaker Bruce Dickinson

Businessman, Pilot and Lead Singer of Iron Maiden


Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of Iron Maiden, a commercial pilot, brewmaster, entrepreneur and creative business thinker. Bruce was a pilot and Marketing Director for Astraeus Airlines, a company which leased aircraft to other carriers, and is the Chairman and founder of Cardiff Aviation which specialises in heavy maintenance of Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft.

Bruce is also involved in an air ship venture to manufacture lighter than air hybrid transport aircraft and Pouncer, the incredible edible drone developed by Windhorse Aerospace, that will safely fly humanitarian aid into hard to access disaster areas.

Bruce hasn’t stopped flying Boeing 757s, and in 2016 flew the band around the globe on their “Book of Souls” world tour in their own 747.

Bruce is very keen to speak on his projects tying it in with business start-up, entrepreneurship and business and personal creativity. In addition he talks about the parallels between his music and business careers, and the lessons you can take away from both success and failure 

With a captivating style, humour and wisdom, Bruce Dickinson’s presentations entertain, energise and motivate audiences.

Businessman, Pilot and Lead Singer of Iron Maiden