NX Abstracts

Milan Strouhal, Axiom, Czech republic
Abstract: "KF with numerical methods is increasing modelling associativity"
Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) and knowledge driven automation (KDA) integrated into environment of CAx system NX through KF technology provide storage of knowledge and design experiences of users and provide re-use of this information as a structure of standardized rules and procedures included directly into model geometry. It can be knowledge represented by procedures based on numeric approach or by analysis of qualitative criteria of geometry evaluation. Such a criteria are being used for designing of shapes driven by complex definition. Used design procedures are being modified according to the evaluation of these criteria. A number of such design methods interrupt the associativity chain in common modeling processes. Knowledge-based Applications enable user to integrate these tasks and approaches directly into the environment of CAx system NX so the associativity gaps can be bridged.
We would like to present examples of designs driven by complex definition, where application of KF technology extends modeling associativity. There will be KF features presented, which use numeric oriented procedures in combination with qualitative evaluation of geometry. Up to now used methods (based on Open C/Open C++ APIs) were replaced by KF features in these examples. Created KF features were adapted to user, so he is able to modify easily their properties and parameters through the use of same tools and procedures that are common for standard NX features (UF Styler dialogs, interactive selection tools, expressions etc.). Used examples represent existing KF based solutions in Machining Tool construction, Mold Design and Tire production areas.

Milan Strouhal has studied Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic). He worked there then as a research assistant, doing research in Mechatronics and Adaptive Control. Since year 2000 he works at company Axiom Tech, Czech republic. His current position is project leader at NX application development department. His team realised a few huge projects at area of 3D modelling for Continental AG.