Rick Hohmann, Hewlett Packard
Abstract: "Tuning Your Workstation for Optimum UGS NX Performance "
Today's workstations are composed of an infinite number of combinations of hardware and software components, OS, and applications. System setup is a very difficult task given the enormous number of configuration possibilities. To reduce complexities, systems are frequently setup without considering the specific needs of the individual user. Hewlett-Packard offers free of cost the Hewlett-Packard Performance Tuning Framework which helps customize the system quickly and easily for the users requirements. This includes updating your system to the latest certified drivers, increasing your process data space, monitoring memory usage and allowing IT or users to run HyperTune for NX to tune the graphics system for optimal performance with NX. This session will offer training (including new features) and a demonstration of the advantages of using the Hewlett-Packard Framework and HyperTune for NX.

Abstract: "HP's Remote Graphics Software-3D graphics; anywhere, anytime"
How HP's Remote Graphics Software can increase collaboration between engineers working with 2D and 3D data This session will offer training on HP's Remote Graphics Software and how Remote Graphics Software efficiently transmits complex 2D and 3D images in real-time across standard computer networks to remote users. This enables remote users to interact with the desktop and its applications as if they were using the local workstation as well as enables users to display complex 3D graphics on a system that only has a 2D graphics card or allows multiple users to interact with the same model in real-time.

Both presented by Rick Hohmann - Hewlett-Packard's HP Senior Technical Consultant and technical liaison to the UGS development team, Rick is responsible for monitoring and improving UGS application performance and functionality on Hewlett-Packard's Hewlett-Packard-UX and Windows technical computing platforms.

Michael Finocchiaro, Hewlett Packard
Abstract: "Teamcenter Infrastructure Sizing, Monitoring and Analyzing Performance"
Discussion on Teamcenter implementation architecture recommendations, performance monitoring tools, performance testing results across different system architectures and sizing information for Teamcenter Enterprise, Teamcenter Engineering, and Teamcenter Community.

Michael Finocchiaro is a Senior Consultant in PLM. He has 12 years of industry experience working at hardware companies (IBM for 3 years and HP for the last 9 years), he has worked with most major CAD and PLM products. He is responsible for HP's PLM business development and pre-sales in Europe and has led many customer projects across EMEA He has also given PLM performance tuning training sessions to HP and customers and partners around the world: India, Korea, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, etc. Michael lives and works in Paris - that is when he is not abroad installing and tuning PLM. He holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and misses watching Gator games.