The purpose of this request is to gather inputs of customers from all over EMEA to understand what their expectations and needs are with regardsto the European UGS User Meeting.

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Motivation to attend the European User Meeting
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Do you plan to attend next edition (to take place in Frankfurt - Oct. 9-11)?   
If you don't plan to attend, what is the main reason
for you not to come?
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Did you attend previous edition(s) of this event?
Which year(s)? 2005 yes    no  
  2004 yes    no  
  2003 yes    no  
  2002 yes    no
  2001 yes    no
  2000 yes    no
Have you been attending similar events?       yes    no  
If you have ticked "yes", any specific event you wish to mention below?

Format and content
What sort of session do you value most?   
If you have ticked "others" please provide some more details below:
What is the right ratio between customers and UGS sessions?
Would you like this event to be open to UGS Value-Added Resellers?  

Logic aspects
What is a good location for you?   
If you have ticked "Others" please provide some more details below:
What type of city would get your preference?  
If you have ticked "others" please provide some more details below:
What is (or would be) your preferred transportation mean?
What is the appropriate duration for such an event?
What is the best time in the year for such an event?
What is the time in the week for such an event?
What total budget is acceptable for you (range)?
For obvious cost reasons we would prefer to communicate with you via e-mail.

Is e-mail an acceptable commnication mean to you?   
If not, which other communication mean would you prefer?